Welcome to the L’Arche Canada Art Exhibition website.

Art opens a window into how others see and understand the world. This art exhibit opens our eyes to seeing the world from the mind and heart of a people who often are ignored, people labelled intellectually disabled. Note the lines, the vibrancy of the colour and the movement displayed in the art. Each artist has much to share.

We invite you to linger with this art, to take time to absorb each artist’s perspective on our world. The time taken will enrich and broaden your understanding of our world.


To navigate the website:

Home Page: Click on Main Gallery to view all the paintings. The exhibition is divided into regions: Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, and Western Region and into communities in the list of artists.

Click on each painting to see the artist’s documentation and link to their home community.

Click on the L’Arche logo to return to the Home page. English and French links are found on lower left.

About L’Arche: For more information about L’Arche Canada, the L’Arche Canada Foundation, L’Arche International and Jean Vanier click on links.

Jean Vanier Video: In video and text a message from Jean Vanier.

L’Arche Art Stories: Stories and videos of L’Arche artists

L’Arche Community Resources: For local L’Arche art shows:

  1. How to Plan a L’Arche Art Exhibition
  2. Downloadable Art Exhibition Brochure
  3. Downloadable Art Exhibition artists’ paintings and photographs for display.
  4. L’Arche International Art Show – art.larche.org

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Copyright of participating artists

Each artist owns and retains the copyright of the image of their artwork. By participating in the L’Arche Canada On-Line Art Exhibition, they have agreed to and permit the sole use of that image within the context of the L’Arche Canada On-Line Art Exhibition; and agree and permit that image use by those within L’Arche Canada for purposes of internal use, local shows, advertising, and fundraising. For use outside of the L’Arche Canada On-Line Art Exhibition and the L’Arche Canada copyright, permission will have to be negotiated with the artist directly.

Sale of the artworks: inquiries are directed to the local community website posted with each painting.