Back to the Future, painting by Sachan Sarwal

‘Back to the Future’, Painting on cloth, 2013

Artist: Sachan Sarwal

Sachan Sarwal portraitSachan has been with L’Arche Antigonish since May 2016, he moved here from his home city of Halifax. Sachan is very quiet in his nature but has an amazing sense of humour and loves to play jokes on his house mates. He loves Firetrucks, Star Trek, Ninja Turtles and action movies. He likes to challenge others to a game of air hockey, going for walks in nature and riding his three wheeled bike in the summer.
Sachan discovered his gift for painting in 2016 when he moved to L’Arche. It was a slow process but Sachan found a way to express his thoughts and feelings through the medium of painting.

Artist’s Statement

Sachan the Firefighter; I like firetrucks; I have many good friends in Halifax Fire Station; I have many friends here too.? I paint for Mommy; I think about her when I paint. She is gone but she is in my paintings. I like dancing and the Ninja turtles make me happy.”

L’Arche Antigonish (Antigonish, Nova Scotia)