Agape - Embroidered quilt

‘Sunrise’, Embroidery, 2009

Artist: Lise Charlebois

Agape - portrait of the artist Lise CharleboisLise was an artist with a great gift for colours. We can see her love of life within her colourful creations, original drawings and embroidery. She spent hours working on her art, and she was never afraid to start again if a piece wasn’t up to her standards. Lise really loved to spend time admiring clothing store window displays. Her appreciation for life’s small pleasures was clear in the way she took her time to enjoy a good meal or dessert. Through our time with her, Lise helped us to see and appreciate the beauty in all things. (January 6, 1947 – October 3, 2015)

L’Arche Agapè (Gatineau, Québec)