painting of a heart

‘God is love, sunshine and grass’, Paint on canvas, 2014

Artist: Laura Francis

portrait of the artistLaura Francis is from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She is the founding member of L’Arche Saskatoon, celebrating her tenth anniversary of living in community, in February 2018. Laura enjoys spending time with others and watching her favorite TV show, The Price is Right.

Artist’s Statement

My painting is all about God and the beauty of summer, which happens to be my favourite time of year. In the summer, the sun is always out. It’s nice and warm. There is also grass in the summer. It’s green, smells good, and is nice to lay on. Finally, there is a big heart in the middle of the painting because I have lots of love and so does L’Arche and Jesus. Jesus is my friend and loves me very much.”

L’Arche Saskatoon (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)