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‘A Stroll in Bellechasse County’, Mosaic of small papers, 2018


Artist: Christiane Bernard

portrait of the artistChristiane Bernard is originally from Armagh, a small village in Bellechasse County. She has lived in L’Arche le Printemps, St-Malachie since 1976. She attends the community workshop and day centre where she loves sewing, embroidery, knitting, and drawing flowers, birds and houses. She is very good at creating mosaics with small pieces of paper, which requires a lot of skill and patience.

Artist’s Statement

Lucie helped me with the drawing. I love working and learning with Lucie. After the drawing, I choose lovely colors. I often start at the bottom, and finish with the details, trees, houses, and animals. Lucie cuts the strips of paper from magazines, then I cut them into smaller pieces, which I then glue on with a brush and a small pick. I always find it beautiful.”

L’Arche le Printemps (St-Malachie, Québec)