‘Untitled’, Watercolour, 2014

Artist: Céline Pinel

portrait of the artistCéline Pinel is the youngest in a family of 15 children and has been a member of the L’Arche L’Étoile community since October of 1991. It was thanks to Céline’s inspiration that we opened our Day Centre in 2004. As Céline put it, she wanted to work so she could “earn money.” With her joyful spirit, Céline radiates a deep love of life and humour. Everyone loves to be in her presence and company. She is loyal in all her relationships, and never forgets anyone. Nobody forgets her either. She is an extremely memorable and endearing woman.

Artist’s Statement

The piece was created with a marble! I put a frame around a piece of paper and slid a marble dipped in paint into the middle of the frame.”

L’Arche L’Étoile (Québec City, Québec)