Painting from L'Arche Calgary

‘Sweetheart’, Watercolour on paper, 2017

Artist: McKayla Tubrett

portrait of MckaylaMcKayla describes herself as a “very friendly, kind and loving artist”. McKayla joined Tamarack, the L’Arche Calgary Day Program in the spring of 2017, where she discovered a love for painting with her new friends.

Artist’s Statement

When I worked on this painting I was thinking of my Grandfather. My Grandfather passed away last year. My Mom and I were very sad. I will always think of my Grandfather as a sweetheart. I will always love him very much. That’s why this painting is so colourful. Art is my favourite hobby because it makes me feel happy. My art is a gift I like to share because I care for others.”

L’Arche Calgary (Calgary, Alberta)